Sustainable IT Manifesto

The Sustainable IT Manifesto outlines a set of principles and commitments related to making information technology more environmental friendly and socially responsible. By adopting the manifesto, Green Computing Foundation publicly declared it’s principles, intentions and goals to the world.

1. Energy Efficiency Over Raw Performance

2. Resource Efficiency over Resource Abundance

3. Holistic Impact over Siloed Focus

4. Long Term Sustainability over Short Term Gains

5. Return to Environment over Return on Investment

6. Adaptive Planning over Fixed Roadmaps

7. Inclusive Collaboration over Isolated Decision Making

8. Transparent Reporting over Selective Disclosure

9. Continuous Environmental Learning over Static Knowledge

10. Community and Ecosystem Well being over Individual Benefits

11. Eco-friendly Materials over Cheap Alternatives

12. Device Longevity over Planned Obsolescence

Adopting Sustainable IT Manifesto Can Be Significant

Clarity of Purpose: The Sustainable IT Manifesto helps define the purpose and mission of the Practicing Sustainable IT movement. It outlines the fundamental principles and goals that its members stand for, providing clarity and focus on what they aim to achieve by practicing Sustainable IT.

Alignment and Unity: By adopting the Sustainable IT Manifesto, practitioners within the IT organization can align themselves with a common set of values and objectives. This fosters unity, cohesion, and a shared sense of purpose among organization and the community as a whole.

Inspiration and Motivation: This well-crafted Sustainable IT Manifesto can inspire and motivate IT Practitioners to take action. It serves as a source of inspiration by articulating a vision for a better future and encouraging individuals to contribute towards that vision.

Accountability: The Sustainable IT Manifesto sets expectations and standards for behaviour. It provides a Guardrail against which actions and decisions can be guided. This helps hold IT Practitioners accountable for their actions and ensures that they adhere to the stated principles.

Communication: Sustainable IT Manifesto serve as a communication tool, expressing the core values and beliefs to both internal and external audiences. It helps build understanding and support among stakeholders.

Identity and Branding: Sustainable IT Manifesto contribute to the development of a distinct identity and brand for the Practitioners or organization. They convey a unique message that sets them apart and helps build a recognizable image.

Guidance for Decision-Making: When faced with choices or challenges, the Sustainable IT Manifesto provides a reference point for decision-making. It helps IT Practitioners or groups make choices that are consistent with their values and overarching goals.

Long-Term Vision: Sustainable IT Manifesto include a vision for the future, outlining the desired state that the IT Practitioner or organization aims to achieve. This long-term perspective helps guide strategic planning and decision-making.

Cultural Influence: Sustainable IT Manifesto has a broader cultural impact by influencing societal norms and expectations. This Manifesto contribute to shaping public discourse and promoting positive social change.

Legacy: Adopting Sustainable IT manifesto leaves a lasting legacy. It provides a documented record of the ideals and aspirations that the Sustainable IT movement holds dear, ensuring that its principles can be remembered and upheld over time.