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At Green Computing Foundation, we believe in harnessing the power of technology for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. We are a non-profit organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act, dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible practices within the world of Information Technology (IT).

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community that fosters sustainable IT practices through education, collaboration, and innovation, promoting environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic development.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where IT is used in a sustainable manner, contributing to the preservation of the environment and the improvement of people’s quality of life. We aim to create a community that shares knowledge, best practices, and technologies, fostering innovation and enabling people and organizations to practice and promote sustainability and Resilience.

Our Objectives 
  • To promote use and educate Society of the need of environment protection and promote initiatives for the same.
  • To promote use and educate Society of the need to practice Information Technology in a Sustainable manner. 
  • To create awareness among all IT Practitioners about environment conservation and reduce Carbon Footprint, reduce wastage of water, better IT Asset end-of-life management and thus reduce harmful effect on the environment.
  • To conduct seminars, webinars, conferences relating to environment and ecology issues relating to Information Technology, prevailing in the world currently.
  • To collaborate with other organisations and individuals nationally and internationally who have the same objectives.
  • To provide advocacy and support on key issues, related to Information Technology, related to environmental issues to the government and institutions working for the protection of environment.
  • To educate the behaviour of individuals, groups, and society as a whole towards protecting the environment by practicing Sustainable IT and responsible and ethical use of Information Technology.
  • To provide Assessment, Certification and Guidance on improvement of Sustainable IT practices.

Leadership Team

Dr. Surabhi Prakash

Executive Director

Alex Hong

Advisory Board Member

Bhaskaran S

Advisory Board Member

Harpreet Singh

Advisory Board Member

Matt Williams

Advisory Board Member

Naresh Choudhary 

Advisory Board Member

Payal Nath 

Advisory Board Member

Randeep Kapur

Advisory Board Member

Sanjay Singh

Advisory Board Member

Shubha Kumar 

Advisory Board Member

Community Partner

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Be part of a community of like minded professionals and organisations committed to reducing carbon footprint of IT while driving innovation. Contribute to a more sustainable world by reducing the environmental impact of IT by adopting and promoting the Sustainable ITManifesto.

  • Access to Sustainable IT Resources: Gain exclusive access to our library of research case studies, and whitepapers on sustainable IT practices a Positive Impact: Contribute to a more sustainable world by reducing the environmental impact of IT by adopting and promoting the Sustainable IT Manifesto.
  • Contribute to Best Practices: Share the best practices that you are following and contribute to the community
  • Participate in Projects: Participate and / or lead projects related to Sustainable IT undertaken by the foundation.
  • Thought Leadership: Participate as speaker in annual summits, periodic roundtables, panel discussions and podcasts.
  • Free Certification: Get access to our Self -Learning Certification Program on Sustainable IT.
  • Advocacy and Support: Be part of our efforts to advocate for sustainable IT policies and practices on a global scale. reputation and brand value by demonstrating a commitment to Sustainable IT practices and adoption of Sustainable IT Manifesto.

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